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Wave soldering technician

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-08-18      Origin: Site

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Job Location: 

Guangdong Province-Huizhou City-Huicheng District

Affiliated Department: 

Human Resources Department

Academic qualifications:


Nature of work: 


Years of working experience: 

Not limited

Job Description:

Job responsibilities.

1, responsible for wave soldering, cut foot equipment debugging, ATE equipment, ICT equipment, AOI equipment abnormalities and routine maintenance;
2、Responsible for analyzing all kinds of bad as well as the development of effective improvement measures;
3、Responsible for optimizing the wave soldering, ATE important parameters and the development of operational specifications;
4, plug-in line improvement work (including parts before processing);
5, after the patch, wave soldering before the section of the abnormal processing (such as incoming material, design, poor operation and other abnormalities);
6, leadership arrangements for other work.

1, secondary school or above, men and women are not limited, under 35 years old;
2, understand the basic knowledge of analog circuit;
3, skilled use of spreadsheets, documents and other office software;
4, strong communication and expression ability and writing ability;
5, hard-working, strong sense of responsibility, strong sense of teamwork.
6, more than 1 year experience in electronic factory is preferred.

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