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Talent concept
Talent is the creator of enterprise value, is the core competitiveness of enterprise development, the development of people is the development of the enterprise.Committed to creating a good development space for employees.

Establish a competitive salary and benefit system based on ability and salary.Establish a work assessment and evaluation system based on personal ability and work performance.Racing is not horse-racing, and is oriented by ability and performance.
Talent strategy
The sea can accommodate a hundred rivers, and there is a great deal of tolerance. Through the effective implementation of talent introduction strategy, talent cultivation and development strategy, management improvement strategy, compensation and welfare strategy, we create a humanized management atmosphere of "working in Foryou, learning in Foryou, developing in Foryou, and succeeding in Foryou", which is the humanized management atmosphere of talent career development, and provide the environment and platform for the breeding and development of the elite talents across the country and even around the world.
Talent Training
We provide a series of pre-job training for new employees on corporate culture, team building, rules and regulations, job processes, job skills, job knowledge, etc., and designate experienced and professional technical managers to provide guidance and assistance so that new employees can adapt to the company environment and jobs as soon as possible, so that employees can work more passionately.
Talent Development
The company attaches great importance to the staff's continuing education and development training, and endeavor to create a variety of opportunities for employees to provide diversified training. In addition to induction training for employees, and according to job requirements and planned arrangements for employees to participate in the company inside and outside the organization of all kinds of job skills, professional skills and management training, while according to the needs of the enterprise, selectively send some of the management or technical backbone to visit the domestic and foreign famous enterprises to study.
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