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MiniEMS Operation Guide
1. Registration on APP
1.1 User Account Registration
(1)Download the MiniEMS app from the link given by the merchant.
(2) Enter APP, and click on “Register” to start registering user account.
(3) Fill in the corresponding information according to the prompts.
(4) Click on “Register”.
1.2 Add Site
(1) Fill in the registered account and password on APP, and log in to the system.
(2) Click on “Add ”and Fill in the corresponding information.
(3) Click on “Add”.
1.3 Add WiFi Dongle
(1) Click on the corresponding site of plant list to enter.
(2) Click on“Collector”and fill in according to the serial number and verification code on the back of microinverter or scan the barcode directly.
(3) Click on “Add” to complete WiFi Dongle adding.
2. Network Configuration
2.1 Preparing work
(1) Turn on the inverter
(2) Turn on the Router
2.2 Connect Network by APP
(1) Connect the phone to 2.4G WiFi and place the inverter within this WiFi coverage range.
(2) Open the MiniEMS app, click on the "WiFi Settings" option, agree to authorize the app's location permissions, and enter the WiFi password.
(3) Click "Start" on the app while waiting for the LED light of microinverter to slowly flash red and green alternately; When the app interface displays the content: SmartLink completed, it indicates that the network pairing is completed. Then wait for the LED green light to solid on, indicating that the inverter networking is successful.
Note: The prompt information of IOS APP is slightly different.
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