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What kind of market demand can EV charger solve?

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(1) The integrated all-in-one approach enables quasi-free installation. At present, the residents of the installation of the declaration of a long queue in foreign countries, especially in Europe, reaching three to seven months of queuing time, and its installation costs are very high, usually three people operate, each person each time about 500 euros. Like that ways, a home PV storage system add a charging post will cost quite a bit to install. Currently, the form of all-in-one machine realises an operating time on the machine of about ten minutes! Savings in installation costs can be in the range of 2000 - 3000 euros.

(2) Customers can get the subsidy when they buy the EV charger. Because the EV charger above the inverter is and off-grid hybrid inverter, with grid function, and has obtained or can obtain the relevant countries of the grid permit certification, in line with the requirements of the subsidy. Such as the current German EV charger subsidy range up to 10200 euros! Other countries are also trying to follow.

(3) Due to a high degree of integration, the design of the machine allows the three parts of the optical storage and charging to achieve a barrier-free intermodulation, which can be very flexible to achieve the interaction of the EV charger! More to meet the flexible needs of customers.

(4) All key equipments in the all-in-one machine such as PCS, charging gun board, BMS, etc. are self-supplied. It enables remote synchronous upgrading, which continuously improves the customer experience without the problem of confusing management at a later stage; Simple and generous appearance design, to meet the customer to enhance the family grade requirements.


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