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What Is The Difference between Solar Inverters And Hybrid Inverters

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What is the difference between Solar inverters and Hybrid inverters?

Inverter is the core component of photovoltaic power generation and energy storage system. What is the difference between Solar inverters and Hybrid inverters? Both of them are "best partners", but they are also different in practical applications such as function, utilization rate and income.

Hybrid inverters

Energy storage converter (PCS), also known as "bidirectional Hybrid inverters", is the core component to realize the bidirectional flow of electric energy between energy storage system and power grid, which is used to control the charging and discharging process of batteries and carry out AC-DC conversion. It can directly supply power to AC load without power grid.

Hybrid Inverter

Solar inverters

Solar inverters is an inverter dedicated to the field of solar photovoltaic power generation. Its greatest function is to convert the DC power generated by solar cells into AC power that can be directly integrated into power grids and loads through power electronic conversion technology. As an interface device between photovoltaic cells and power grid, Solar inverters converts the electric energy of photovoltaic cells into AC electric energy and transmits it to power grid, which plays a vital role in photovoltaic grid-connected power generation system. With the popularization of BIPV, in order to maximize the utilization of solar energy conversion efficiency and give consideration to the beautiful appearance of buildings, the inverter forms are gradually required to be diversified. At present, the common solar inverter methods are centralized inverter, series inverter, multi-series inverter and component inverter (micro inverter).


Similarities and differences between Solar inverters and Hybrid inverters "Best Partner":

Solar inverters can only generate electricity in the daytime, and the power generated is unpredictable due to the weather. The energy storage converter can perfectly solve these dilemmas. When the load is low, the output electric energy is stored in the storage battery, and the stored electric energy is released when the load is high, thus reducing the pressure on the power grid. When the power grid fails, switch to off-grid mode to continue power supply. The biggest difference: the demand for inverters in energy storage scenarios is more complicated than that in photovoltaic grid-connected scenarios. In addition to DC-AC conversion, it also needs to have the functions of DC-AC conversion and fast off-grid switching. At the same time, the energy storage PCS is also a bidirectional converter with energy control in both charging and discharging directions. In other words, Hybrid inverters have higher technical barriers.

Other differences are reflected in the following three points:

The self-use rate of traditional Solar inverters is only 20%, while the self-use rate of energy storage converter is as high as 80%; 2. When the power supply fails, the photovoltaic grid-connected inverter is paralyzed, and the energy storage converter can still work efficiently;

Under the background of decreasing subsidies for grid-connected power generation, the benefits of energy storage converters are higher than those of Solar inverterss.

adayopower products

ADAYO Power Hybrid inverters

ADAYO Power mainly develops and produces Hybrid inverters, because with the development of photovoltaic industry, the frequency of Hybrid inverters is getting higher and higher, and the technical requirements are getting higher and higher. ADAYO Power Hybrid inverters has the following types:

adayo power inverters

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