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What Is Balcony Solar System?

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What is balcony solar system?

The balcony solar system is called "balkonkraftwerk" in Germany. As the name implies, it is to install a photovoltaic system on the balcony, which belongs to a subminiature distributed photovoltaic system, also known as plug-in photovoltaic system. Users only need to fix the photovoltaic system on the balcony railing and plug the system cable into the home socket. A balcony solar system usually consists of one or two photovoltaic modules and a microinverter. The solar cell module generates direct current, then converts it into alternating current through an inverter, plugs the system into a socket and connects it to a home circuit.

Müller -microinverter-ID800A (1)

The working principle of balcony solar system

In Germany, supermarkets sell balcony solar system free of value-added tax, and the price is about 500-700 euros, but in some cities, most of the costs are borne by local governments. For example, the tax refund for a single family in Meiqian, Germany, is as high as 500 euros. German households consume an average of 3500kWh of electricity every year. According to the data of German North Rhine-westfalen Consumer Consultation Center, a 380W balcony solar system is installed in the south, which can provide about 280kWh of electricity every year. This is equivalent to the annual power consumption of a refrigerator and a washing machine in a two-person family. Users use two systems to form a complete set of balcony solar power station, which can save about 132 euros every year. In sunny days, the system can meet most of the power needs of ordinary two-person families. During the period of sharp increase in energy prices, small solar equipment that is easy to install can quickly recover its cost. To sum up, balcony solar system has three main remarkable characteristics: simple installation, plug-and-play and low cost.

balcony solar system

ADAYO balcony solar system

ADAYOpower  balcony solar system includes an 800W micro-inverter ID800A, two 450w solar panels and a set of mounting brackets. ADAYO 800 watt micro-inverter  has the following characteristics:

  • Safety in use: The design of high and low voltage isolation.

  • IP67 waterproof design, suitable for balcony use.

  • Dual channel MPPT, maximum input current 14A /MPPT.

  • MiniEMS independent APP monitoring, online upgrade.

  • Double protection of software and hardware, 10+years warranty.

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