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What Is An ESS with EV Charge All in One?

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What is an ESS with EV charge all in one?

Simply speaking, the ESS with EV charge all-in-one machine combines hybrid solar inverter, energy storage battery, charging pile and other elements through power electronic conversion technology to integrate a small power system. During the day, it converts solar into electric energy through inverter to directly charge electric vehicles, and stores excess electricity; At night, the battery is converted to charge the electric vehicle through the inverter, and at the same time, combined with the V2H technology of the electric vehicle, when there is power failure, the electric vehicle is converted to supply power to the household load through V2H.

ESS with EV charge

What are the characteristics of the ESS with EV charge all in one?

ESS with EV charge all in one can realize efficient and friendly utilization of green energy, such as solving the problem of randomness and fluctuation of distributed new energy; Through energy storage, peak load shedding, demand response, peak regulation and frequency regulation of power grid can be realized to reduce energy cost; Mainly has the following three characteristics:

First, realize the maximum solar self-use, and the remaining electricity is stored for standby or directly used for charging;

The second is to promote the local consumption of solar, reduce the pressure of household electricity consumption, and maximize the economic benefits of the owners themselves;

Third, through integrated construction, solar is arranged on the carport to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of family space;

ESS with EV charge all in one of ADAYO POWER mainly has the following characteristics:

  • 5kw single-phase off-grid hybrid inverter, efficient conversion;

  • 7kw standard charging gun, in line with the majority of car charging;

  • 5.12kwh battery module, which can be combined into 30kwh from 6 at most, to meet different energy storage capacity requirements;

  • Movable base, flexible and convenient;

  • IP65 waterproof setting;

  • Integrated stacking design, plug and play, greatly saving the installation cost;

  • Visual screen design, mobile APP monitoring system;

three in one with EV charge-1

The main application scenarios of ESS with EV charge all in one

The application scenarios of household optical storage and charging machine can be roughly divided into three categories:

The first kind of community charging stations mainly refer to charging stations built in public parking lots, property communities and shopping malls. By putting household "optical storage and charging" all-in-one machines in these places, the charging needs of urban private cars and operating and freight vehicles are met. It is equivalent to a gas station in a community, and its biggest feature is convenience. These vehicles have a long parking period, so there is no need for high-power charging piles at this time;

The second category is industrial parks, where the construction space of factories is abundant, and safety is the primary consideration. At the same time, under the background of "double carbon", the government requires enterprises to clean production, save energy and reduce emissions. In this way, the design of "light storage and charging" can also offset certain carbon emissions and help enterprises achieve emission reduction targets.

The third category is the emergency charging facilities needed in the mobile service area, such as ports, civil aviation, industrial equipment and other special charging scenes.

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