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K.EY - The Energy Transition Expo 2024, Going to Rimini for Energy

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K. EY - The Energy Transition Expo 2024 will be held from 28th February to 1st March 2024 at the Rimini Expo Centre, Italy. ADAYO New Energy team is going to present innovative, quality and competitive new energy products at K.EY, and provide professional one-stop energy solutions.


EY - The Energy Transition Expo is one of Europe's leading trade fairs dedicated to the green transition in Italy and the Mediterranean Basin, accelerating the implementation of the EU Solar Energy Strategy programme and related climate policies, with a focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, services and integrated solutions. ADAYO Group has always been adhering to the technology to create quality life and focusing on customer needs, and this development concept fits perfectly with the objectives of the Italian exhibition. 


In this exhibition, ADAYO will bring its 600w/800W micro inverters, 800W/2500W micro storage systems, Energy storage system with EV charger, hybrid single-phase/three-phase inverters and other energy products to meet with you, providing you with all-around answers to the problems of home/commercial energy storage.


If you want to know more about energy, please feel free to contact us to get a free ticket for the Italian exhibition, come to watch the feast of energy with us in Booth D5 184!

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