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How to define the configuration points of EV charger? What are the easy points of misunderstanding?

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(1) EV charger is for home use, non-commercial operation, the choice of power needs to meet the requirements of the family.

(2) According to Tesla's statistics, the average electric car uses 12-15 degrees of electricity a day, which means that a 7KW gun can be charged for about two hours; (Point of misunderstanding: use the total amount of charge of an electric car as a base point for charging calculations. Assuming that to fully charge an EV, it would be too far out, and the home as a charging post would not be used. The focus of the home's charging gun itself is for replenishment.

(3) According to the answer to (2), in fact, the light storage charger itself storage power focus is still to be put into the family's use, so the configuration of the battery pack focuses on the consideration of the family, but more than a few can also be used in case of emergency; The power of the charging gun must be greater than the power of the inverter, the economy will be better. (Point of misunderstanding: The power of the charging gun is the same as the power of the inverter or the inverter is bigger. As a home use, PV is used as a supplementary energy source, not the main energy source.

(4) This inverter is slightly less than the power of the charging gun, it will generally be the case that the PV can be used for a large part of the mains can be input for a small part of the matching use. (And the higher the power of the inverter, the cost of matching will be quite high, and this cost is not necessary). And from the above (2) can be concluded that, in some mode, need to be fully charged by the inverter power, the time increase is only about 1 hour, for home use is perfectly fine.


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