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Connecting The World For A Shared Future, The First China International Supply Chain Promotion Expo

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From November 28 to December 2, China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE), the world's first supply chain-themed national-level exhibition, was held in Beijing. With the theme of "Connecting The World For A Shared Future", this year's CSCF featured 515 Chinese and foreign enterprises and organizations from 55 countries and regions, covering five major chains and supply chain service zones, such as intelligent automotive chain, green agricultural chain, clean energy chain, digital technology chain, and healthy life chain, etc. The CSCF is the first national-level exhibition on supply chain in the world, which was held from November 28 to December 2 in Beijing.

As one of the advanced system suppliers of automotive electronic products and components in China's automotive industry, ADAYO Foryou Group was invited to participate in the exhibition and appeared in the Intelligent Vehicle Chain Zone.

Energy Storage System with EV Charger

ADAYO Energy Storage System with EV Charger integrates off-grid PV inverter, household energy storage, vehicle charging and household load power supply, with built-in DSP control and SPWM modulation technology; modularized battery design, up to eight 5kw battery packs can be connected in parallel; easy to install, and can be independently assembled in 20 minutes, which greatly solves the problem of the difficult problem of installing household PV systems, greatly saves the cost of installation and implements 24/7 real-time network monitoring. hour real-time network monitoring.

Cockpit Domain Controller

ADAYO Cockpit Domain Controller products have been launched to cover Qualcomm, Renesas, CoreTech and other types of chip solutions, which can integrate the functions of multiple different operating systems and security levels into a single platform, and make full use of the resources through virtualization isolation and chip arithmetic sharing, featuring high-integration, high-performance, strong scalability, highly efficient software iteration, compatibility with third-party applications, cost-effective and richly configurable options. It can realize the functions of one core multi-screen, multi-screen interaction, multi-modal interaction, and cabin and parking as a whole.


ADAYO oblique projection AR-HUD realizes variable focal length projection through oblique projection technology, which can be better adapted to the road surface and get a larger display coverage area in a small size product. Combined with UI design, it can realize AR fusion, 3D depth of field and other technological effects. The product can improve visual comfort and effectively solve the problems of reducing dazzle and halo, and visual discomfort caused by image projection to the car in front, etc. It has a broad market prospect.

ADAYO Dual Focal Area AR-HUD adopts advanced optical machine combined with unique optical path arrangement, single PGU realizes dual focal area function. With a large display area, and ADAS function fusion display, by displaying in 2 different focal plane zones, it can display rich vehicle information in real time, and effectively improve the user experience.

Digital Acoustic System Solution

ADAYO digital acoustic system supports 8~24 channels and above, RNC/ANC/ASE, headrest and immersive sound modes, and also has CAN and system diagnosis functions. In the field of domestic car acoustics, ADYAO owns professional, comprehensive and systematic product and service supporting capability from hardware to software in the industry, and can customize diversified and high-end car acoustics solutions for OEM customers, and has undertaken many projects and realized mass production.

Electronic External Rearview Mirror

ADAYO participated in the revision of the national standard for electronic exterior mirrors in 2019, and was one of the first batch of companies that passed the GB 15084-2022 Class I CMS product inspection. Based on the technical reserves in vehicle camera, dynamic image processing, screen display and other related aspects, ADAYO launched the electronic exterior rearview mirror products with stability, reliability and safety in early 2022, which well solved the pain points of traditional exterior mirrors, such as "not being able to see clearly" and "not being able to see all", especially the pain points of "not being able to see all", and "not being able to see all", especially the pain points of traditional exterior mirrors. "It can well solve the pain points of traditional exterior mirrors, especially in reducing the blind spot and improving the safety of driving at night and in rainy days. At present, the product has completed the 1.0 digital to 2.0 intelligent platform iteration, 3.0 will further enrich the intelligent functions to enhance user experience, product value and product competitiveness, and each generation of the platform can be passenger cars, commercial vehicles to cover.

Imitation interior Mini LED Display

As a smart surface, the display products in the resting screen state, the screen surface can present imitation interior texture, so that the display and the interior of the integration of a more harmonious and unified, to enhance the integrity of the interior design and sense of seniority; the screen still has a high transmittance, with the adaptive brightness of the local backlighting technology (Local dimming), in the bright screen display state, can be presented all-weather comfortable and clear picture In the bright display state, it can present a comfortable and clear picture all day long to satisfy the interactive experience of information and entertainment. Its imitation interior finish provides a variety of customization such as wood grain, carbon fiber, leather, etc., which can be applied to the center control panel, door trim panel, A-pillar trim panel and other cabin areas.

Wireless Charging

ADAYO's high-power wireless charging can simultaneously support two cell phones with 50W high-power wireless charging, which effectively improves users' charging efficiency. Relying on auto-tracking technology, it can accurately align the cell phone coils to improve charging efficiency and reduce the heat generated by the cell phone. Strong compatibility, while supporting Huawei, OPPO, millet 50W private protocol. In addition, the product can be integrated with NFC function, users can start the car by using the bound NFC card or NFC cell phone, to realize more secure key management and more comfortable and convenient car experience, and will be integrated into the intelligent travel ecosystem in the future.

Precision Die Casting

ADAYO Foryou Group precision die-casting business focuses on automotive lightweight, broad market space, covering the automotive industry related to high precision aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and magnesium alloy die-casting parts development and manufacturing, including precision injection molding, mold design and development, machining, surface treatment and other businesses. The products are mainly used in new energy three electric systems (battery, motor, electronic control), powertrain systems, steering systems, intelligent driving systems, braking systems, automotive electronic parts and so on.

Looking ahead, ADAYO Foryou Group  will strengthen the cooperation with the upstream and downstream of the intelligent automobile supply chain, continue to improve the software and hardware technology innovation capability and accelerate the application of new technologies, expand the product matrix from the fields of intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, intelligent Internet connection, etc., continue to provide impetus for the development of the intelligent automobile supply chain, actively explore the frontier areas of intelligent science and technology, and cooperate with the majority of customers of automobile enterprises to create more competitive products and create more competitive products for the users to create the future. We will continue to provide impetus for the development of the intelligent automobile supply chain, actively explore the frontier areas of intelligent technology, and cooperate with customers of automobile enterprises to jointly create more competitive products and create a new experience of future travel for users.

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