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Why electricity storage is getting hotter?How does energy storage work in the house?

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Why electricity storage is getting hotter?

Anyone who produces green energy on their own roof with a photovoltaic system is doing good for the environment. For many years the system was always the same: either the electricity was consumed directly in the household or it was passed on to national power grids. Feed-in tariffs into the grid provide additional income.

However, the self-produced solar power can only be used by your own household in the hours in which it is also produced by the PV system - just in time, so to speak. This means that washing machines, refrigerators, etc. can only be supplied with free electricity from the roof during certain time windows. The remaining electricity goes into the grid. But these remunerations have been falling for years.

The solution to being able to use your own solar power independently of time and thus increasing your own consumption is electricity storage. This smart device stores the electricity generated by the PV system and keeps it available without loss until it is needed. Only when the in-house storage is fully charged is the excess electricity fed into the grid.

By keeping a certain amount for their own consumption, the owners of an electricity storage system noticeably optimize their electricity costs, because with ever lower purchase costs and rising electricity prices at the same time, self-sufficiency is the most economical solution. Every kilowatt hour that you generate yourself does not have to be paid for.

How does energy storage work in the house?

In the case of the batteries a power storage device is a compact, slim device that is placed in a suitable location in the house, usually in the utility room. The power storage is connected to the PV system, the house network and the inverter. The Batteries stores excess energy from the PV system that cannot currently be used in the house. In return, the battery storage can also supply energy if the PV system briefly does not provide enough energy to supply all consumers in the house. For example, if a cloud suddenly appears. In this way, the storage prevents the otherwise necessary grid connection and saves electricity costs.

In order to control these processes, the battery storage requires intelligent control. With the Batteries this is the energy manager. The energy manager recognizes how much electricity the PV system generates, how much of it is used in the house and how much energy the battery has to provide. This intelligent control is designed to use as much free electricity as possible and to keep the grid consumption as low as possible and thus actively save electricity costs.

In addition, the energy manager can wait to charge the storage and only start when PV production is at its highest. Since this behavior relieves the load on the power grids, it is also referred to as grid-friendly storage.

Useful for the grid because a lot of electricity is fed into the grid on sunny days and this can cause the grid to be overloaded. The battery counteracts this potential overload by storing solar energy.


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